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CableTracks is characterized by simplicity. It’s easy to work with the system, and testing is easy too.
It only takes a few minute to install the app and to prepare yourself.

Let’s go
Give us a call

Call CableTracks|Online using +31 – 6 – 22080496
We won’t bother you with sales talks, but you will simply get a Startcode to activate the app and to get access to the online reports.

Install the app

Browse GooglePlay or the AppStore and install the app ”CableTracks Allround Logging”.
Enter the Startcode on the first screen and enter a (real or fancy) name to identify your logs.  

Use the app

For each log, the first step is to enter a project ID (or name).
Secondly, you will be able to select a certain log, for example: ”Hours worked”.
The next screens will lead you through the demo questions. Afterwards, you will return to the Main Screen, ready for another log. 

  • Use the topleft arrows to go to a prior screen
  • To make a next log for another project, first click the topleft arrows in the Main Screen
  • The last option in the Main Screen gives access to all prior logs (personal archive) 
Check the reports

Visit for access to the portal with all online reports.
Enter the portal using the codes we gave you by phone. Check the ”Galery” and check ”DataSheets” (use the top section to select the module you would like to see).
Feel free to experiment with all features, you can’t go wrong!

Enjoy your test – and please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions!


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