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Monitoring Field Operations

Better information in far less time

Looking for a simple way to collect and report project data? Don’t spend time managing individual photos, messages and notes. Switch to a simple app. All data are organized instantly, reports are ready in no time at all. No more delays, no more handling. 

Saving Time

Today, field operations require quite some data processing. Colleagues, management and customers need to be informed of start situations, progress, incidents and the end situation. Not having an adequate system for dealing with this information could rapidly create an administrative burden. Just think of the time to organize indiviual notes and photos. Think of the time to check if all required data are indeed logged, the time to compose all reports….
Using our cloudservice will ease your work. All data are processed automatically. Nothing gets lost, nothing gets delayed. Reports are produced automaticallly too. The more data, the bigger your advantage. 

Tailored solutions

CableTracks is a flexible system, designed to offer both simple and complex logging solutions. Sometimes, logging a situation with just a photo will do fine. In other situations, it will be required to collect specific information on materials, sizing, equipment and more. The procedure is simple. Brief us, and the systeem will be aligned within just a few days.

Simple app 

CableTracks uses a simple app. Which means: short textes, big letter-sizes, no complex pop-up screens. Logging a situation is easy. Just open the app, select a project number and select an item like ‘Preview’ or ‘Damage’ and follow the instruction. After having finalized the questions, the app automatically returns to the main menu. One will never get lost. 
All data are automatically processed and added on your company account.


Online reporting 

Log in to your company account and you will have access to all reports, including map projection, data overviews, photo galleries and more. Filters enable to quickly make selections by project number, period, log-type and so forth.  
Downloading, data forwarding, email reporting, it’s all available. A few clicks and one is ready.

Click  here for in depth information on the key applications as actually used by our customers. 
Alternatively, mail or call us, it will help to work things out for the solution you are looking for!