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Working on varying sites?


Get your data fast and fully organized.

Working on varying sites?

Get your data fast and fully organized.

Working on varying sites?

Get your data fast and
fully organized.

‘It saves me days of work…’

‘It saves me days of work…’

‘It saves me days of work…’

Are you looking for ways to better inform your supervisors, foremen and workers of the planning?
And to keep office well-informed on their works and performance?

An app will help for better communication. It will prevent delays and confusion, save work and costs.
Consider the CableTracks app: 

…..Simple to use
…..Clear overviews
…..Less handling 

The app is completely modular, each module can be fully tailored to your needs.
Click below and check if it matches your needs. Feel free to contact us – we will take all time to discuss your issues!

How can we help you?

Work program

Stop sending seperate messages to inform workers of their next job. An app will give them a better view of the current and next jobs-to-do.

Switching to an app, you will no longer need to prepare paper work sheets. Nobody needs to come over to pick them up. And everybody will always have the latest update at hand

There will be no more confusion on start-times, locations and the jobs to do.

Simple procedure
Using the CableTracks app, you can simply use an online companiy account to enter and modify your planning / projects / jobs. 
The phones of the workers will immediately be synchronized and show a clear overview of their programme.

Tailored formats
A number of settings allow to describe your projects exactly the way you want. Perhaps, your workers only need to know the customer name, starttime and address. But you could also add as many items as you need, for example:

  • Project ID
  • Location
  • Approach route
  • Date and starttime
  • Contact persons / phone
  • Situation specs
  • Job specs 

Programme per man
Other options include project allocation: each project can easily be linked to a worker or a team. In such case, each worker will only see his own dedicated program.

Some of the key options.
Top: the main screen allows to scroll through all projects.
Left screen: click once for a route map to next project (i.e. via GoogleMaps).
Right screen: add photos to visually explain the situation.
Bottum screen: add Pdf files with back-up information.


Making photos is as easy as ever: any cellar phone will do. So, making photos of start situations is easy to.
Still, working with individual photos has one big disadvantage. If everyone makes previews, how do you control all files?

  • How do you find that one single photo?
  • How do link it with the right data?
  • How do you collect all previews of a specific project?

Use the CableTracks app to avoid unnecessary search times and handling.

  • Option to add remarks / notes to any photo
  • Automatic  adding of project ID, date/time and location (street/city)
  • Automatic reporting on online company account
  • Setting to send all previews to  mobile colleagues too.

Mobile gallery
All previews are accessible via you cellar phone. Simply select a project ID, all relevant previews will be shown immediately.

Online gallery
Use your online company account for additional functionality:

  • Galery
  • Location maps
  • Mail reports
  • Download photos 
  • Download photos/notes (Excel)


Time registration

Are you looking for a simple way to register hours worked and jobs done?
So, without abundant paperwork?
Without the effort to collect all Timesheets, to get them organized, understood, and completed?
An app will do it in seconds.

Save Your Time
Using the CableTracks, all individual reports are immediately integrated and reported on your online company account. You will have full overview, you can easliy check the data, make corrections, give approval and use them for your administration (salaries / invoicing).
In practise it will save you lots of time.


Tailored solutions
The system allows close tailoring.
SO, if you would need information on hours worked only, the app would provide a simple menu for those data only.
However, if more information is needed, the reports could easily be expand:

  • Hours worked – breaks – shifts – absence
  • Activities – stagnation – delays
  • Travel time / distances / passengers
  • Expenses / overnight stays / meals / receipts (photos)
  • Materials used – suppliers – quantaties – delivery
  • Equipment used – hours – fuel consumptions / fuel costs
  • Tools used
  • Removal (rubble, remnants)
  • Approval by customer (signatures)
  • Corrections

Tailoring does not need to take a lot of time. Simply inform us of your requirements and we will provide a ready-to-use / ready-to-test solution within just a few days.

Production numbers

Do you need fast information on the day production?
Don’t rely on paper sheets – it would always involve a lot of waiting. 
The CableTracks app can be easily tailored to allow workers to log the relevant items at the end of the day, week or work.
The system will immediately collect, integrate and report your numbers, both by man and by project (see impression below).
No more waiting!

Ready for a next step?
Inform us of the numbers that you need at the end of the day/week/project. We will provide a tailored demo app and you will be able to test our solution with your own staff, flexworkers and/or subcontractors.


Action points

We guess you are very much used to work with ToDo’s and Action lists. 
For some, it is no problem to remember them and to instruct others to get it done.  Other ones could use a little help.
Or it helps to use photos to explain the issue.

Logging action points
Use the app to log action items with i.e. photos, a note, deadline and the name of the person who is in charge.
Each log is saved on your phone and on the company account. It could also be send to the phones of your colleagues. Everybody  is informed, one knows what to do, you are in control.

All action points can be easily managed via your company account. Select a project number and the system shows all action point. Click to report it’s done, so you always know which ones are open. 



There are many kind of inspections. Site inspections, safety inspections, inspections of completed work….
The CableTracks app helps to do it smart.

While inspecting, the app will guide you through all relevant items. Depending on the cirmcumstances, the app allows great flexibility: do the whole inspection in one go, or do so in parts. First make all relevant the pictures, do so while rating and commenting all items or do so afterwards.
Whatever sequence, the app will automatically organize the data and present them in the proper format.

Customized reporting
All information is automatically integrated and reported on your online company account. It only takes a few clicks to compose a customized report with i.e. map projection and action points.
Layout and logo can be tailored as well (see example below).



Safety Self control

Monitoring and controlling the safety policy
On many construction sites, safety management is a major issue. For most hazards, extensive safety regulations have been developed. The key issue is to ensure they are properly executed.

Examples abound….

  • When working at heights, all scaffolding must contain proper guardrails
  • When digging in the underground, underground utilities should first be located
  • When entering trenches, sloping, benching, shoring and shielding must be in place.

The Classic Way
In many companies, Safety Managers are responsible to push Safety regulations and to ensure the are properly executed
(see separate section on Inspections).
Additionally, there is an alternative way:

Self control
As a Safety Manager,  you cannot be anywhere anytime. Self Control will fill the gap. It will motivate your collegues to fully integrate safety rules in their way of working, both while being inspected, and otherwise.
Simply ask them to log key safety measures when applied. In most  cases, a simple photo will do.
The app will automatically add the project ID and integrate the logs in online safety reports for each of your projects.

Online report of locating underground pipes and cables – prior to excavation works.

When working on a bigger scale, a Dashboard will offer useful trend analysis. It will show the montly number of works with a proven execution of safety rules. If it matches with the overall number of works, you know safety management is top-of-mind. If not, the system allows to easily check where things go wrong.

All data, including date/time/GPS location are objective. So, in case of accidents, you will be perfectly able to prove which safety regulations were met.


Claims handling

In case of damage, you probably want to deal with it quickly as possible.
The first step is to get a complete report of what happened. Typically, loose notes and photos will miss some relevant information. If so, additional action will be needed to complete your data.
It is a waste of time.

Instead, use the app to systematically report any damage. Depending on the type of damage, the menu guides the user through a complete list of questions and instructions. Where necessary, the app asks for specific photos.
The report is directly shown on your company account, the claims handler will automatically receive a message by e-mail (see example below),  settlement can start immediately.

Online archive
The online overviews allow to control your damage costs.

First, they exactly show the number of damages, the damage per team / per  worker, the type of damages, and so forth.

NExt, you can use the overviews to keep track of the status: check which damages are still open, which ones need attention, which ones are closed.

Reporting customers

Once a job is done, you might want (or need) to inform your customer on i.e. the end result and the quality of the product.

Using the CableTracks app, it will not take much time and effort to do so.
The app will guide the user through the relevant questions, give instructions for specific photos and/or allow to enter issues that still need attention.

All logs will be accessible via your mobile phone and via the online company account too. It will not take much effort to send a full report to your customer. Simply select the project number, check if all photos are OK,  enter the mail address and add a personal message. A complete report will be send immediately
(see example below, with map projection).

As with other reports, we can fully customize these reports, with your own lay-out, company style and logo. Simply send us your current format and we can provide a test environment.

Allow your teams to easily log and report the issues that matter.
All data will be automatically organized and presented on your company account. No handling, no delays, no confusion.
It might save you lots of time.

Why should you consider CableTracks?

1. Simple 

  • Clear app, simple structure, short textes
  • Works anywhere (both online and offline) 

2. Safe 

  • Data storage on Dutch servers only
  • Protection is strictly guaranteed under EU regulation (ISO 27001 2013)

3. Tailored solutions

  • The app will be fully tailored to your needs – workers will only see what they need to see
  • All reports will be tailored too (online reports – mail reports – mail alerts – Word – Excel – forms)

4. Full support 

  • Full support while preparing the launch
  • Full support after launch


Try it yourself!

Allow a few minutes to try it yourself. Browse GooglePlay or the AppStore and install the app ”CableTracks Allround Logging”’.
Call us and you will get a code to activate the app.

Once activated, the app gives an example script for each of the modules shown above.
We would appreciate your feedback! 


Give us a call or mail us: 

……….+31 (0) 6 – 22080496



Give us a call or mail us: 

•    Phone . . . . . . . +31 (0) 6 – 22080496

•    Mail  . . . . . . . .

Get a glimpse!

Allow a few minutes to start your own test.
Browse GooglePlay or the AppStore and install te app ‘CableTracks Allround Logging’.
Call us for a code to activate the app.

Once activated, you can test each of the modules which are shown above. Enter a Timesheet, report a damage, assess the reports. It is completely free. No obligations, nu pushing sales talks …..

We would appreciate your feedback!

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