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Key Applications

CableTracks can easily be customized to your own requirements. Brief us and we will align the system within just a few days. Please find below further information on the key applications as used by our customers in the construction and utility industries: 

Working hours

Tracking Work Hours

In many cases, work hours are registered on paper forms. It might seem a simple way of working, but it often takes lots of time to process the information. Collegues in the operation should not forget to complete the foms; they must be send to the office; once send, they must be checked; information must be entered, and so forth. All of that can be avoided when switching to CableTracks. Use the app to log the hours. All data of all collegues will immediately be presented on your screen and can easily be used for invoicing and payments.

Brief us on your requirements. It might be sufficient to track hours as such, or it might be needed to split regular hours and overtime (evening and/or weekend), to specify the projectnumbers and customizers and to add information on equipment used and deliveries.
Once clear, the app and the reporing pages will be customized within just a few days.

Our pricing
The costs of our cloudservice depend on the number of users (apps) and the complexity of the questionnaire. Simply send us a copy of your current form. Within 24 hours, we will inform you of the costs ( It’s optional, no obligations!


Do you need to inform your customizers on project progress? Such is possible with individual photos and notes, using WhatsApp, mail or otherwise. However, organizing all the bits and pieces will certainly require quite some time. 
So, invest a little time to assess the way you want to inform your customers. What information do they need? Do you want to add just one visual, or a series of visuals? Once it’s clear, your apps will automatically ask the right questions and ask to make the right photos.
Every log will be processed automatically. Log is to your company account, and you will have the customized progress report within just a few clicks. Just another click, and the report will be send to your customer, such including a personal message.
CableTracks saves time, generates professional reports. A big plus for your company!

Example of an automatic Email report of Work-in-Progress

Test it!
A pilot is easy to organize. It only takes some 15  minutes to registrer for a company account, to install the app, to make some logs and to study the online reporting pages. Your will find appropriate instructions all the way.

Project previews

Why using the CableTracks app for making Previews? 

1. Automatic Map Projection
In case your Previews cover a big site or in case they relate to a wide area, CableTracks helps to keep track on where-what-when. The system automatically maps the Project Previews, showing your additional notes and data at the same time. Navigation, zooming in and out, it’s all available.  

2. Auto forwarding
Click a few settings and all Previews will automatically be forwarded to the right colleague. The planning department could automatically be informed, the supervisor could be informed, and so forth. No delays, everybody will immediately find the information in their inbox.

3. Attractive Tenders
If your business depends on tenders, it might be worth while to consider if they could be improved by visualizing the start situation of your product or service.  There are many businesses where it helps to show the urgence of the service as offered in the tender.
To do so, use our automatic form service which automatically addes previews and map positions in a customized format. 

Give it a try!
Send us the format of your tenders and include some of your preview photos. Within 48 hours, we will send you a concrete proposal for an automatic visualization ( 

Automatic mapping of all Preview information including photos, data and notes.

Damage reporting

Do workers or supervisors sometimes forget to report a damage?
Avoid the need to use paper forms. Avoid the need to search for the right form once a damage occurs. Avoid the need to bring or send these forms to the office. A mobile phone or tablet is far easier. The device is always at hand. At any time, it can be used to report a damage. All reports are immediately added on your company account. No delats, nothing gets lost, your are always up-to-date.
In case of a new incident, your claim manager is informed immediately by mail, showing the key notes, map position and photos.
The claim processing can immediately start, no delays at all.

Suffering from incomplete damage reports?
Any original damage report which is not complete will require additional calls and additional time. Avoid such non-productieve hours by exactly showing workers and supervisors what to do in case of damage. The app will automatically customize the questions for the various kind of damages that can occur. No gaps, but full information with the right pictures and objective information on place/date/time.

Switching to a cloudservice requires no big funds at all. Mail us a copy of your current paper form and inform us of the number of colleagues that should be enabled to report damage. You will receive our offer within 24 hours.

Example of a near real time Email report of an incident.

Prevention control

How do you monitor and control your safety policy?

Attention for safety management is everywhere. Still, objective facts on the execution of such policy are often rare. In case of accidents or near incidents, it is often rather vague what really happened. Were all safety procedures clearly executed? And yes, was there something to blaim? That is why it could be very usefull to log safety measurements. Log what you do to ensure site security. Log what you do to avoid damage. It’s easy, it only takes a second. Open the app, click a photo. All the rest is done automatically. Most photos will never be looked at. But – in case of an accident – this one photo is found within seconds. Select a location, or a project number, or a username or a period, and your prove will be on the screen in no time at all (with objective information on date, time and location).


When monitoring safety measurements on a site, or when assessing work quality, forms and paper checklist are often used, although digital monitoring has many advantages. One does no longer need paperwork, questions which are not relevant in a certain situation, are automatically avoided, the information is immediately integrated in other safety/quality reports, providing full overview.
CableTracks now facilitates such switch with a simple Webmonitor. No investment, limited annual costs, and full flexibility to accommodate the questionnaire that you need.

Test it
The switch to an app is easier than ever. Simply send us one of your safety/quality forms (or alternatively send them all). Also inform us of the number of apps that you will need for mobile logging. You will receive our offer within 24 hours. If we have a match, the next step could be to add one form to the app, which won’t cost much. Next, you can test all functionality and make up your mind.


We could go on showing product functionality and giving examples. But why?
All that matters is the application that you are looking for.

So, if you assess the system could match your needs, simply give us a call or mail us and let us explore the options!