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CableTracks | Online is a trademark of CableTracks Nederland B.V. Since 2005, we have been working on practical solutions for a smooth data exchange between office and the field.
Within the Construction & Infrastructure sector, we focus on network operators, installation companies, contractors, subcontractors, contractors and landscape gardeners.

Below we give a brief overview of our most important extensions::

•      2006      Safety Self Monitoring (safe digging practises)
•      2009      Nokia app
•      2012       Android and iOS app for Safety Monitoring & Project reporting
•      2017       TimeSheets
•      2020      Projectplanning
•      2021      Work program

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Contact information

CableTracks Nederland B.V.
Industry Park Broekweg & Langshaven
Lage Maat 13b
3961 NJ    Wijk bij Duurstede
The Netherlands
Phone       +31 – 6 – 22080496
ID               Chamer of Commerce 30208844
IBAN          NL83 RABO 0379 882183
VAT            8151.76.521

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All illustrations which are used on this website are based on real-life examples. We have made every effort to completely anonymize the data, both by origin, date and, for example, location. Should this nevertheless not have been done sufficiently, we kindly request you to inform us of this, so that we can adjust the examples where needed. For the sake of completeness, we point out that no rights can be derived from the information on this website. We accept no liability for damage and/or costs that could – theoretically – arise from incomplete and/or incorrect information on this website. See also our General Terms and Conditions.

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